'A Fading Landscape' - LensCulture Feature (November 2018)

My long term project - 'A Fading Landscape' is featured on LensCulture. 

Oscillating between memory and presence, nostalgia and reality, ‘A Fading Landscape’ mediates upon notions of heritage, issues of identity and legacy in relation to the history of the landscape.

'IN, AROUND & AFTEREFFECTS' | Roscommon Arts Centre

'In, Around & Aftereffects' | Ciaran Og Arnold, Martin Cregg, Mark Duffy
Roscommon Arts Centre | Opening April 6th 2018 

In, Around and Aftereffects: The Irish Midlands (2006 -2016) explores the social, cultural and psychological landscapes of the Irish Midlands from the height of the Celtic Tiger era, through the Irish recession and into a post-recession context. The exhibition brings together work in three different photographic languages emerging from the region. Ciaran Óg Arnold’s ‘Ive Been To The Worst of Bars’ sees beyond the familiar in his hometown of Ballinasloe. In psychologically charged landscapes and street scenes, this market town is tenderly evoked as an exotic location, a soulful place of despair as well as hope. Martin Creggs ‘Midlands’ has over ten years focused on the question of what the Midlands is - situating the midlands at the frontier of the struggle over Irish identity, questioning the very concept of what the ‘Midlands’ is – an undetermined geographical entity, under constant construction and re-definition. Mark Duffy’s ‘Vote No 1’ documents this and examines the culture of election advertising in Ireland. The series focuses on the accidental, and often gruesome, disfigurements the electoral candidates' faces suffer - an unintended consequence of their posters' erection. Each body of work reveals the Character of the Irish Midlands from a perspective of three artists of the same generation and who are from the Region itself.