'Postcards From The Celtic Tiger' - Xuhui, Shanghai July 2010

POSTCARDS FROM THE CELTIC TIGER confronts the radical contrasts resulting from massive shifts caused by the economic boom to the recent downturn, presenting a collective vision of contemporary Ireland through visual art.

Using photography, video and sound to challenge stereotypical metaphors relating to Irish landscape, or employing collage and digital imagery to respond to recent changes, the artworks range from the satirical to a subtle, visual poetry. Also included are pieces utilizing strong documentary practises and found footage reflecting current events and trends in Irish society, from the Peace Process to youth culture.

Postcards from the Celtic Tiger is made possible with support from Culture Ireland, Cork City Council, The Irish Embassy in Shanghai China, the Culture Bureau in th Xuihui district, Sirius Arts Centre, Cork Film Centre and the Arts Council. . This exhibition is the next chapter of important cultural twinning activites between Cobh, Cork City and the Xuhui Disctrict in Shanghai, China. The exhibition links in with other outside events connected to Expo 2010 currently taking place in Shanghai. For more informaiton please contact: Peggy Sue Amison at: psamison@yahoo.com or: 087 633 1974.