On Process: 'Notes by an Open Window' (from Foreign Eyes on Fryslan - Part 1 of 5)

This little sequence was taken mid-process, while I was trying to tease out possible ideas for my 12 days in Fryslan. These notes to self were an attempt to assess my work to date - little ideas and reminders that I keep, as I work, of where I have been and what I had being doing. Above all else, the notes are part of the struggle with trying to find a direction for the following days.

These images (of the notes) are essentially about the process of making work. Maybe there is a touch of reflexivity or self-reflexivity within this collection. They are part of the evolution of ideas - the notes which move the ideas and the process along which then become part of the finished work. (I have incorporated this approach into my practice over the last year or so – visible in, for instance, my on-going ‘Photo Course’ work).

The title also references the famous Vermeer painting “Girl Reading A Letter By An Open Window’ (just to pull the work back into a Dutch context). The light that illuminates the paper is the beautiful evening sunshine which is radiating through the open window in my studio apartment in Leeuwarden. It made me think of Vermeers work – the never changing position of his array of subjects beside his studio window, the warm glow on the letter or objects or subjects themselves.