r e  . c a l l  /rɪˈkɔːl/

This is a small section of a side project which has started to take shape in recent weeks. It relates to the necessary quality control that was part of the production of imagery in various one-hour-photo shops which I worked in from 2002 until 2008. Throughout the years, I had amassed a vast collection of artefacts relating to the analogue process – scanning and organizing during any available quiet time at work. For years, I held on to all this material, uncertain about what kind of form they might take. Recall is one section of a broader project.  It focusses on the process of inspecting, recalling and reprinting images which contained unacceptable blemishes in the quality and condition of the imagery: dust & scratches, watermarks and similar negative deviations. These imperfections, though an irritant to technician and customer alike, were intrinsic to the process of domestic analogue film photography, a process that has dissipated over time. 

A Busy 2012

Selected Works & Artist talks in Perugia (July 2012)
Guest Lecture at Burren College of Art (March 2012)

'Utopia' - contribution to this beautiful publication by Actes Sud

'Foreign Eyes on Fryslan' exhibited at the Natural History Museum, Leeuwarden (August 2012) 

 'Utopia' exhibited at Les Rencontres d'Aarles (July - August 2012)

Shortlist for Irish Contemporary Award SHOWCASE in The Gallery of Photography (December 2012 - Jan 2013)

'Midlands' Featured in the publication 'Photography & Ireland' by Justin Carville, Reaktions Press

'The Photo Course' featured in Source Magazine (Issue 72)

Selected for FORMAT Festival 2013

Articles & Mentions: 

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Article about SHOWCASE in Irish Arts Review: http://www.irishartsreview.com/index.php/articles/326-showcase-select-at-the-gallery-of-photography

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The Photo Course | Ongoing Work (2010 - 2012)

The Photo Course is a project which explores the environment of a Photographic Course where I work in Dublin. I look for the energetic ‘imprint’ from teaching and learning photography against the dead wood of the empty institutional environment.  The work is also about subtle and ephemeral micro-events which happen in the duration of a day, a week, a year, which become part of the history of the building. As we move forward we create and we construct. We develop and perform ideas and discourse physically in and on the environment. We shape that environment through our mental and physical interactions, day upon day, year upon year. We also destruct. Destruction is part of the creative process. The work also, in a profound way, of a certain reality of transient, ephemeral relationships which are built year upon year between teachers and students and, in a less profound way, of the relationships between photographic discourse, practice and the its environment. 

'Foreign Eyes on Fryslan' | Natuurmuseum Fryslan, Leeuwarden | July 2012

‘Foreign Eyes (On Fryslan)' represents the physical and psychological experience of traversing unfamiliar terrain, as a photographer and as an outsider, with a given objective of ‘finding’ that place through the photographic lens. The commission was undertaken in two parts - April 2010 & July 2010. 

Many thanks to Fryslan Unlimited http://sailingonthegrass.nl/79/sailing-on-the-grass/

Pieces of New Work | Dasein (2012)

"....the moment you loose the illusion of being eternal" (Jean-Paul Sartre)

Institutional works (2010-2011)

This short collection of works have be undertaken as part of the Institutional Works scheme of the Reflexions Masterclass. The work itself examines Institutional spaces (many of which are in a stage of transition, of some form or another). The buildings in question are largely cultural buildings such as the Maison De La Photographie (Paris), Foundazione de Venezia (Venice) and the University of Lugano (Switzerland).